5 Tarkovsky movies you can watch for free on YouTube

Andrei Tarkovsky is a name started echoing in the film world from the Soviet era. During his time he directed seven films. His first movies produced in the Soviet Union and the last two works were made in Europe.

Tarkovsky films are having a specialty of metaphysical perspectives also the usage of long takes.

Mosfilm released five of his among seven classic movies for free viewing on youtube.

1) Stalker


The story of two men’s journey into the Zone, a strange abandoned mystical place protected by the army.

Awards :  Prize of the Ecumenical Jury ( Cannes Film Festival), Audience Jury Award – Special Mention ( Fantasporto)



2) The Mirror


The film is unconventionally structured with dreams and memories of the character Alexei in a nonlinear narrative track



3) Solaris


The film is adapted from the novel Solaris by the Polish author Stanisław Lem. Tarkovsky quite used his signature levitation scenes in Solaris. This science fiction film is a psychological drama in a space station orbiting the oceanic planet Solaris.

Awards : FIPRESCI Prize ( Cannes Film Festival ) , Grand Prize of the Jury ( Cannes Film Festival )


Part 1



Part 2


4) Andrei Rublev


To some extent the film depicts life story of 15th century Russian painter Andrei Rublev. The film faced many issues with censorship from it’s initial release.

Awards : FIPRESCI Prize ( Cannes Film Festival ),  Best Foreign Film ( French Syndicate of Cinema Critics ), Foreign Film ( Jussi Awards )

Part 1



Part 2


5) Ivan’s Childhood


Tarkovsky’s first feature, “Ivan’s Childhood” picturing story of a Russian boy orphaned by war,  his experiences during World War II.

Awards : Best Director ( San Francisco International Film Festival ), Golden Lion ( Venice Film Festival )




5 Tarkovsky movies you can watch for free on YouTube

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