An encounter with a stranger changes the life of a young man  Dan Millman, college gymnast. One man shakes his confidence, questioning every assumption in his life. Then a traffic accident  shatters Dan’s legs, and his  future. Now that strange  man’s life coaching is to make  Dan’s revised ambition.

Editorial Review( : Rising gymnast Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz, EuroTrip) has everything a college male could want: physical prowess, good grades, a chance at Olympic gold, and a parade of attractive girls eager to sleep with him. So why is his sleep troubled by violent dreams? While wandering late at night, he meets a mysterious man (Nick Nolte, Affliction) working at a service station, who sends Dan on a quest for his inner self–a quest that becomes crucial when Dan has a motorcycle accident and shatters one of his legs. Under the tutelage of “Socrates” (as Dan dubs the mysterious man), Dan finds a new strength both spiritual and physical. Peaceful Warrior is packed with philosophical aphorisms, ranging from “Knowledge is not wisdom” to “Take out the trash!”, which some viewers will find energizing and others will find trite. What’s most questionable about Peaceful Warrior is not whether or not you find its philosophy meaningful; it’s that a movie supposedly about giving up control and living in the moment is–from plot structure to soundtrack–formulaic and manipulative. Based on the popular book Way of the Peaceful Warrior; also featuring Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect). –Bret Fetzer

Peaceful Warrior

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