Zeitgeist: The Movie, the documentary by Peter Joseph  (independent filmmaker and social activist) and  first one  in  Zeitgeist trilogy. This movie discuss about mythology and belief in society , 9/11 attacks,  the Federal Reserve Bank and  with a  number of conspiracy matters  related to those three main topics. The film has attracted  massive  public interest and  many people started thinking out of the box. The documentary split into three parts with the three topics, first have  information discrediting religion  by showing the similarities of major religious figures in the history of mankind. Part 2 comes with  the problems with what was told to us by the authorities and media about the events surrounding 9/11 attack. The third part deals with banks and about the  theories of  world leaders plans to create one world bank, also mention the people  who responsible for the Great Depression.


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Produced by Peter Joseph
Written by Peter Joseph
Music by Peter Joseph
Editing by Peter Joseph

Zeitgeist: The Movie

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